NovaHUB USB 3.2 Gen 2 multiport adapter hdmi 4k 60hz
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The NovaHUB is the most powerful USB-C portable hub currently available. Featuring multiple unprecedented features combined into one ultra-portable USB-C multiport dongle hub. With the power to output 4K @ 60hz, this ability is extremely rare. The hub has an integrated USB 3.2 Generation 2 chipset, offering the ability to transfer data at 10 Gbps for both USB-A and a USB-C port. The second USB-C allows up to 100 watts of power delivery for powering even the highest demanding wattage laptops currently available. Keep your laptop charged at full speed while using the NovaHUB. Stay connected with an uninterrupted LAN connection with the Gigabit Ethernet port (10/100/1000). Conveniently transfer data via the SD card slot. The USB-C flat cable connector offers a convenient way to protect your hub from getting mangled. The aluminum body design keeps this hub travel-friendly and durable wherever you may find yourself using it. The NovaHUB offers more power, more speed, and higher refresh rates than any multiport hub. Change the way you work with the NovaHUB.

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Tech Specs


  • 2x USB-A (10 Gbps)
  • 1x USB-C (Power Delivery up to 100 Watts)
  • 1x USB-C (10 Gbps)
  • HDMI 4K (60hz)
  • Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000)
  • SD (3.0)




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1-Year Warranty

What is the hub max power output?

Up to 100 Watts. Using your stock USB-C charger, you can charge at full speed.

What is the actual size of the hub?


Does the HDMI port support 4K @ 60hz?


What USB 3.2 Generation 2 chipset is used?

Realtek Chipset RTS5423

Does the hub need drivers?

No, the hub is plug n play ready. Your operating system will usually install any drivers it may be missing if needed.

USB-C 3.2 Generation 2

The two USB-A and One USB-C ports are 10 Gbps ready. Change the way you transfer data and utilize your peripheral ports. The NovaHUB is a high powered high bandwidth USB-C travel hub.

HDMI - 4K @ 60 Hz

Enjoy the full capabilities of your 4K monitor with a full 60hz refresh rate through the NovaHUB. Extend your laptops screen to a full resolution 4K monitor. Don't let your USB-C hub hold your laptop back.

100 Watt Power Delivery

Regardless of what laptop you have, the NovaHUB can keep your laptop charged at full speed and plenty of additional power for additional devices.