Surface Pro 3 Adapters
Surface Pro 3 Adapters

      Surface Pro 3 is a touch-screen tablet that aims to replace the conventional laptop. The kickstand, keyboard, and stylus pen combine to create a full-fledged computing experience, running on Windows 8.1 Pro and upgradable to Windows 10.


      As far as performance goes, Surface Pro 3 relies on its Intel® Core processor, where users can choose among Core i3, i5, and i7 and their respective memory and internal storage configurations. The device also delivers up to nine hours of battery life.


      Compared to Surface Pro 2, Surface Pro 3 is thinner, lighter, and larger in terms of the display area. Surface Pro 3 was publicly released in 2014, and its production halted in 2016.


      As a leading brand in the Surface accessory product line, the Juiced Systems Surface Pro 3 adapter is designed to deliver power and connection options to take your Surface Pro 3 to the next level.

      Connecting multiple peripherals has never been easier. Choose a Surface Pro 3 adapter made specifically for the Surface Pro 3 tablet that gives you seamless power and the ultimate in connection ports.

      Add USB ports to power up all of your peripherals. Eliminate the need for an additional USB charger with our Micro USB cable. Or, choose a formfitting Surface Pro 3 adapter with SD and Micro SD card inputs and easily add USB ports without blocking any Surface Pro buttons or ports.

      Juiced Systems is a dedicated leader in the design and manufacture of Surface Pro 3 accessories. Tested and made to last, our Surface Pro 3 adapter options give you the function you need to work better and play harder.



      Two-in-one PC with three configuration options by CPU power:

      • Intel® Core i3
      • Intel® Core i5
      • Intel® Core i7


      4 GB (64 GB or 128 GB) or 8 GB (256 GB or 512 GB)

      Internal Storage

      • 64 GB
      • 128 GB
      • 256 GB
      • 512 GB

      Battery Life

      Up to nine hours of web browsing


      1.76 lb.


      11.50" by 7.03" by 0.36"


      12 inches with a 3:2 aspect ratio and 2160 × 1440 resolution



      • USB 3.0 port
      • Mini DisplayPort
      • MicroSD card slot
      • 3.5 mm headset jack

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