Microsoft Surface 3
Microsoft Surface 3

      Surface 3 debuted in May 2015 and contained significant changes from the other Surface products before it. For one, Surface 3 comes with a full operating system, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. It also has an x86 processor (Intel® Quad Core Atom) that is present in most personal computers, desktop or laptop.


      These properties enable Surface 3 to work more as a personal computer rather than as a traditional tablet. With its 10-point touch-screen display and kickstand, this Surface supports a stylus (Surface Pen) and keyboard and protective covering (Type Cover). As one can expect from a laptop, Surface 3 features a full-fledged USB port, a Mini DisplayPort, and a headset jack, among others.


      Microsoft discontinued the production of Surface 3 in late 2016 with support for the product you can check at the official website.

      What can you do to get more out of your Surface 3? Install our Surface 3 USB hub to get options you won't believe. The Juiced Systems 5-in-1 adapter was the first ever multi-port adapted designed exclusively for the Surface 3, 10.8-inch screen non-pro tablet. But, our line of Surface products didn't stop there.

      The Juiced Systems Surface 3 USB hub delivers remarkable power and capabilities. Small and travel-friendly, our adapters include multi-port options to connect. You'll find USB ports and SD and Micro SD inputs to connect peripherals and rapidly transfer data.

      Not only that, but you can also charge your Surface 3 and use it at the same time with our exclusive pass-through charging technology.

      Juiced Systems is a dedicated Microsoft Surface product creator and has been since Microsoft released its first Surface. Perfect for on the road functionality, home office or work setups, the Juiced Systems Surface 3 USB hub gives your tablet added capabilities and awesome power in a neat little package.



      2 GB or 4 GB

      Internal Storage

      64 GB or 128 GB

      Battery Life

      Up to 10 hours of video playback


      1.41 lb.


      10.52" by 7.36” by 0.34"


      10.8 inches with a 3:2 aspect ratio and 1920 × 1280 resolution



      • USB 3.0 port
      • Micro-USB charging port
      • MicroSD card slot
      • Mini DisplayPort 1.1
      • 3.5 mm headset jack
      • Type Cover connector
      • Nano-SIM card slot for Surface 3

      4G - LTE

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