When you need the right USB-C adapter to connect all of your peripherals, you will find what you need right here. Choose from a variety of USB-C adapter options, from single connections to multiport solutions and connect all of your devices in one easy device.

      If you need the ultimate in versatility, look at our Macbook Pro USB-C multiport adapter. The UltraHUB is resourcefulness with a small footprint. But, it's not small in power. The Macbook Pro UltraHUB USB-C adapter gives you setup options you won't believe.

      Or, choose the DecaHUB with a whopping 10 ports multifunction USB-C options. Power users love the multiport HDMI versatility with power delivery. And, we haven't forgotten USB-C adapter docking stations.

      Small footprints mean you don't have to leave your peripheral power behind. Easily transport your USB-C adapter with you when you travel to different job.

      Expand your Macbook's peripheral options with multiple connections, USB-C, HDMI, USB 3.0 and SD, and MicroSD ports and power your peripherals in easy plug-and-play style with one of our full-featured USB-C adapter selections.