Surface Book 2
Surface Book 2

      This second-generation Surface Book appeared in 2017, continuing the line of two-in-one laptops with a detachable keyboard base. While Surface Book 2 retained the design of its predecessor, it came out with a 15-inch version aside from a 13.5-inch model that was the standard Surface Book.  


      Although lightweight in design and appearance, Surface Book 2 is expected to go heavy in terms of power and performance. It runs on Intel® processors with seventh-generation Core i5-7300U and i5-8350U, eighth-generation i7-8650U for the 13.5-inch Surface Book 2 and eighth-generation Core i5-8350U, and i7-8650U for the 15-inch version.


      Moving on to GPU matters, Surface Book 2’s 13.5-inch version has Intel® HD Graphics 620 and NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 1050, as applicable. Users of the 15-inch Surface Book 2 will have Intel® HD Graphics 620 on i5 models and NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 1060 on other configurations. Notably, the more sophisticated configurations on Surface Book 2 command higher prices.


      Another welcome feature about Surface Book 2 is its battery life. Microsoft advertised for the device to last up to 17 hours of local video playback given the settings, among other things. Some reviewers tested it out on both versions and found the battery life impressive or incredible vis-à-vis its two-in-one laptop counterparts.


      Until the appearance of Surface Go 2 that was released a year later, Surface Book 2 was the first member of the Surface family to get a USB Type-C port. This USB-C port has Power Delivery (PD) Revision 3.0, which is a specification that offers higher power handling or quick charging.  


      In addition to the USB-C port, Surface Book 2 provides two USB Type-A ports in Version 3.1 Gen 1. Other connections include a memory card slot, two ports for Surface Connect, and a headphone jack. USB hubs or docking stations can accommodate additional peripherals for this Surface Book.


      Given its specs, Surface Book 2 is a high-end product that is an investment for some. Others are still hoping for an upgrade, like a third-generation Surface Book to come along.





      Two-in-one PC or laptop with a detachable keyboard base


      13.5 inches with an aspect ratio of 3:2 and screen resolution of 3000 × 2000

      15 inches with an aspect ratio 3:2 and screen resolution of 3240 × 2160


      13.5" (8 Gb | 16 GB )

      13.5" (16 GB )

      Internal Storage

      • 256 GB
      • 512 GB
      • 1 TB


      13.5" : 3.38 lb., i7: 3.62 lb.

      15": 4.20 lb.


      13.5" :

      i5: 12.3" by 9.14" by 0.51" to 0.90"

      i7: 12.3" by 9.14" by 0.59" to 0.90"

      15": 13.5" by 9.87" by 0.568 to 0.90"

      Battery Life

      Up to 17 hours



      • 2 USB Type-A Ver. 3.1 Gen 1 ports
      • A USB Type-C port Ver. 3.1 Gen 1 with USB Power Delivery 3.0
      • A full-size SDXC card reader
      • 2 Surface Connect ports
      • A 3.5 mm headphone jack

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