Ipad Pro USB Adapter
Ipad Pro USB Adapter

      When you need an iPad Pro USB adapter, you need Juiced System's audio power delivery adapter. Not only does the iPad Pro adapter deliver the functionality you don't have without it, but it delivers crystal clear lossless audio through the USB-C port.

      Built-in AUX ports have fallen by the wayside with many brands, but the iPad Pro USB adapter brings it back in a no-nonsense but powerful style. Designed specifically to fit your system, we included an advanced digital audio chipset (DAC) to ensure compatibility with all of the major tablet and smartphone brands.

      Our iPad Pro adapter gives you the AUX port you need to plug in headphones for gaming, streaming, music in awesome audio style. Power delivery delivers fast charging even when you use the AUX port.

      Built of durable aluminum alloy with a formfitting and compact design, take your iPad Pro USB adapter everywhere you go. Connect, work and play - do it all with a multiport, multifunction iPad adapter from Juiced Systems.

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