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      Get more out of your setup with USB C multiport adapter hubs from Juiced Systems. Whether you need more input options, charging capabilities, super fast power, transportability, durability, superior data speeds or all of the above, you'll find it right here.

      If you're on the road a lot, you'll love our USB-C hub. With easy Plug N Play device connections for full USB-C capabilities and a 4K enabled HDMI port in a compact, durable housing, the USB-C multiport adaptor is designed to go where you go.

      Our 10-port multifunction USB-C hub gives your work or home setup an added boost of power, connectivity and function. Connect all your peripherals, including USB, HDMI and a VGA import for simultaneous use without speed loss.

      You asked for chargers, and we delivered. You'll find multiport HDMI display adapter hubs with superior power delivery. Charge your laptop at the same time you use the USB C multiport adaptor for the maximum in efficiency.

      Get more out of your setup with USB-C hubs from Juiced Systems.