The USB-C port selections here at Juiced Systems give you all of the full-featured, powerful options you need to expand your laptop's capabilities and enjoy awesome video utilizing your monitor's maximum resolution.

      The BossDOCK 5K USB-C hub delivers advanced connectivity options to your USB-C, or USB-A enabled laptop. Its universal ports make it the perfect docking station no matter what laptop brand you own. One of the most powerful 5K docking systems available anywhere, the BossDOCK is perfect for the power user in you.

      The ChockDOCK USB-C port universal laptop docking station is a compact unit with a lot of power. It's multiple connection ports give you the capabilities you need to connect USB-C capable peripherals, an SD card port for transferring files and photos and an HDMI port to take advantage of your monitor's video capabilities.

      Whether you need a USB- C multiport adapter with universal support or a small but powerful USB-C adapter that travels wherever you go, you'll find the device you need to get the most out of your laptop.

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