MST VS SST : What is the difference?

MST mode and SST mode are two technical terms frequently brought up within the windows and apple enthusiast communities. We created some visuals to help clear up any confusion of the two protocols.

what is

Multi Stream Transport Mode (MST)?

Multi Stream Transport mode, is based on DisplayPort Technology. MST mode is designed for DisplayPort 1.2 or higher video output specification. With DisplayPort 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 you are able to take advantage of MST mode. MST allows you to stream independent video displays from a single desktop or laptop host. MST hubs and daisy-chain able monitors will enable multiple monitor extended capability. The GPU driver controller takes care of the additional heavy lifting. Two methods of system design
can be utilized with MST, MST Hubs or Daisy Chain enabled monitors.

Mirror Mode

Mirror mode, simply duplicates the host desktop image onto the secondary or additional monitors connected to the host.

Extended Mode

In extended mode, the desktop can be extended across multiple monitor displays to utilize maximum workspace. All displays can have different screen resolutions, refresh rates , and screen resolutions (landscape or portrait). Extended mode is the most widely used mode with MST setups.

What is

MST Daisy Chain?

"Daisy Chaining" is the coined term to describe the ability to connect multiple monitors in a series together using a single connection between at least two devices. DP v1.2 has the function to both receive video input as well as output. The host video output device, would be connected to a second monitor, where the second monitor would then directly connect to a third monitor. Daisy chaining minimizes the cable clutter as well as extends the range of your displays from the host device.

what is

Single Stream Transport Mode (SST)?

Single Stream Transport mode, is based on DisplayPort Technology. SST mode allows only one external down stream device at a time through a single downstream port. It can however extend the second screen to be mirrored to other monitors. SST is supported on the macOS platforms.